Hi, thanks for coming by. My name is Oscar de Lama and this is finally (many times procastinated) my personal web site.

Through my life I have had few hobbies, but what I really like in particular is to read, develop software and take pictures and about these subjects every now and then I have the wish to share online what I think or what I have found. Well, I guess you already know, this is the place where I will post that kind of stuff.

I am sure many posts will be targeted as a reminder to myself, no kidding, cause sometimes to solve a very specific problem I have found a simple solution only after spending a lot of time googling it and some trial-and-error intents, just to realize few months later, when the same problem has aroused again, that I just had forgot the solution and I have to start the same quest again.

Other times I wish to share some knowledge just "to give back" and help anybody the same way many people did it with me with their useful posts.

Another good reason to write about something is because listening to yourself, while you explain your thoughts to someone, you can discover some gaps and contradictions which would otherwise remain undetected.

My mother tongue is not English. However, I choose to write in this language for two reasons. First because I really want to learn and practice more English and second, cause I am a bit too lazy to keep this site in two languages. Despite my best effort, surely you will spot some "typos" in my writing, so please feel free to let me know about them and please bear with me.

I hope you find this site interesting and useful and also I would love to have your feedback and the chance to learn from each other.

You can write me to the email address in the above picture. It is given in that way to avoid (hopefully) the spambots.

Have a nice day!